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TrunkThe main concern of THE LIFE OF TREES is to raise awareness for our nature and especially about the utmost importance of trees.

The philosophy of Softmachine is to make impact films valuable, advanced projects about subject matters that are contemporary and relevant for society. The protection of our environment is a matter that affects all societies around the world. There are not more than three countries that still have intact forests. Every minute a forest surface which is equivalent to 35 football fields disappear. And this matter will become more desperate in the future.

Every one of us, all 7 billion of us, are connected to forests

- Forests contribute to the balance of oxygen, carbon dioxide and humidity in the air.

- Over 40 percent of the world's oxygen is produced from rainforests.

- A tree releases 8-10 times more moisture into the atmosphere than the equivalent area of the ocean.

- Forests protect watersheds which supply fresh water to rivers – critical source of the water we drink and use in our daily lives.

Our films are educational and entertaining as this a promising way to reach and touch the audience. The animated 3D movie was produced on the occasion of the United  Nations International Year of Forests´. To this end, the Word Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) was gained as cooperation-partner in Germany. The film is dedicated to the global conservation of trees, and aims to support the protection of the environment by giving insight into the extraordinary connectivity of trees.

With its impressive presentation of complex processes, "The Life of Trees" (das Geheimnis der Bäume) is not only suited for children (age 6+), it is also a fascinating and educational joyride for adults.