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            “A mind-blowing full dome-experience  
             touching all your senses.
             The real beauty of it is watching the children’s
             faces entranced by the movie.”

   Peter Runge, Menke Planetarium


             The Life of Trees (das Geheimnis der Bäume)is a new kind of fulldome show.
             By following the concept of EDUTAINMENT, the plot intertwines entertainment 
             with education. Exciting and informative at the same time, this combination creates
             the best learning effect.
               Life of Trees features the importance of education integrated in the plot. 
                      „Education helps you to understand nature and to survive“



- Trees/plants and their importance for the life on earth
- Photosynsthesis, arguably the most important biological process on earth 
- Production of oxygen
- Nutrients of trees
- Absorbation of water (against gravity)
- Functionality of the roots
- Breeding (flowering of trees, sprouts, fruits, seeds)    

 The immersive film technology leads to a decelerated presentation and allows  the audience to perceive more intensively
what is being shown in a round Format.  Audience becomes active participator and gains an all around view of the scenery.  
It is the most exiting way of blending education and entertainment. 

SOFTMACHINE achieves with The Life of Trees a perfect narration to raise awareness for never-before-seen world
of trees and their utmost importance for our lives. The animated insect characters, Dolores and Mike, with their patently
human traits are role models not only for children.

Here you can download the PDF version of our Teacher's Guide:

teachers guide