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Fulldome 360°


  „Since seeing LIFE OF TREES I see trees with different eyes.“   

             Frank Wannof, Essen, Germany

What is 360° full dome projection?

The 360° full dome projection technology  is the evolutionary progression of flat screen into a hemispheric dome, enabling spectators to enjoy intensive immersive experiences. The unprecedented 360°  projection, that surrounds the audience, effects visual, acoustic and emotional impressions.

High-End Production

The 360° animated movie shines with a lovely design, not yet seen in this kind of film. The fulldome projection allows the audience to completely immerse itself in the movie. The progressive combination of fulldome and stereoscopic 3D technology increases the captivating movie experience even further. "The Life of Trees" is the first original fulldome production using this brand-new omni-directional stereo picture.