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Wave on Film Music of The Life of Trees ((das Geheimnis der Bäume)

Music: Composed by Peter Popp & Paul Wyett

Lyrics: Paul Wyett

Performed by LEO

Wave the mighty arms now

reach out and take the wind

cast off winters grip

as May comes rushing in.

Reap that lazy summer let the sun take your hand

tree you`re light you`re heaven

tree you`re women you`re man

 Chorus …wave on…wave on

Give your shade to strangers

take nothing in return

stand there with age and wisdom

you`re the lesson we can learn

the breeze will take your children

and find that secret floor

where they can work their wonder

in the land of evermore…

 Chorus…wave on…wave on

The title song from the fulldome film "The Life of Trees".

Composed by Peter Popp and Paul Wyett,
lyrics by Paul Wyett, performed by Leo