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360' Full


dome digital planetarium show "The Life of Trees"  is NOW also  available in 3D!



To licence THE LIFE OF TREES please contact Reef Distribution at:

Produced by Softmachine in co-production with Ilusa Media, C.A.I Systeme GmbH, Senator AG
and supported by FFF Bayern.





Life of Trees will be shown at the Western Alliance Conference July 22-25 at Arlington, Texas! It is the biggest planetarium conference west of the Mississippi and will be held at the University of Texas at Arlington. For more information visit their webpage:




 The Gwacheon National Science Center in Korea is showing Life of Trees from now on!


The National Taiwan Science Education Center starts the screening of Life of Trees soon !


   Menke Planetarium in Flensburg, Germany is showing Life of Trees since June 2014!


  "Sferini s Kinas" in Vilnius, Lithuania, will show Life of Trees from July 2014


In July 2014 Life of Trees will be shown at the Infoversum at Groningen, Netherlands,-NL).html


   Wallace Fiske Planetarium at Boulder, Colorado shows Life of Trees since July 2014!


  Life of Trees will be start at Kiev Planetarium in January 2015 !






 Hangzhou Low Carbon Science and Technology Museum, China is showing Life of Trees since January 2014!




 The Ertech Technology Center in Bagcilar, Turkey, is showing Life of Trees since January 2014!


Minikosmos, Lichtenstein shows Life of Trees since December 2012!





The ShanDong Science & Technology Museum, China is showing Life of Trees since September 2013!



        The Freiburg Planetarium, Germany is showing Life of  Trees since December 2013!


     Donetsk Planetarium, Ukraine is showing Life of Trees since September 2013! 


Imiloa_13_poster             Imiloa Fulldome Film Festival September 5-7, 2013

               The first original produced fulldome film in omnidirectional

               stereo 3D.             

               Omni-directional stereoscopic 3D in the dome / 3D flat screen

               LIFE OF TREES is the first fulldome film to have been originally
               designed and produced in omni-stereoscopic 3D. Omni-stereoscopic
               means that the 3D effect is produced onany place on the hemispheric
               canvass. In order to realize this fulldome 3D effect, we developed and
               programmed software which enabled and optimized production
               processes: a VRAY PlugIn for fulldome 3D stereoscopic rendering.

               For more information visit us at





fulldome_festival_jena     The Life of Trees at 7th FullDome festival in Jena

      The FullDome film festival takes place from May 29th until June 1st
      at Zeiss Planetarium in Jena.

      You can watch The life of Trees on June 1st at 17.15 o'clock.

      More information about the festival at



      Logo_heurekaLife of Trees will  be shown in Finland at
      the Heureka Science Center 2014


WilhelmFoerster_Logo     The Life of Trees at Wilhelm-Foerster-
      Sternwarte/Planetarium am Insulaner
Premiere on September 25th 2013.


     The Life of Trees Sternenturm_Logoat Sternenturm
     Planetarium Judenburg

     starting from July 1st 2013.


 BiblothecaAlexandrina_Logo           The Planetarium Science Center of the
          Bibliotheca  Alexandrina

          shows Life of Trees on June 1st 2013.






           The Life of Trees at Intech Science Centre
 starting from October 2013.





               The Life of Trees at Planetario de Brasilia, Brazil

                starting June 6th 2013





    The Life of Trees at Planetarium
Premiere on April 21st 2013
    at 14.30 o'clock



 UD_planetarium        Watch Life of Trees
   the Universe Dimensions Spacemedia
Zeulenroda-Triebes starting April




                                                 The Columbia Basin College is showing

                                     Life of Trees since April 2013




  logo_united_nations_ international_day_of forest                     The United Nations General Assembly has
                  proclaimed 21 March the International Day of

                       The Day will celebrate and raise awareness of the importance of all
                       types of forests. On each International Day of Forests, countries are
                       encouraged to undertake local, national and international efforts to
                       organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting



          The Life of Trees at Menke PlanetariumMenke

                started already in March 2013






                                   The Life of Trees begins on March 21,
                           2013 at 
Gezegenevi in Turkey





  eugenides_foundation_logo                                       The Life of Trees begins on March 21,
                                2013 at 
Eugenides Foundation Greece





Norköpping_Logo         The 3D Premiere of Life of Trees at 
         Norrköpings Visualisation Center Sweden
         on March 22, 2013



el_rehilete_planetario                                                           You can watch Life of Trees 

                                             in the Museo del Rehilete Mexico  

                                             since March 2013





                                                Watch Life of Trees in Finland

                                     at the Tampere Särkänniemi Planetarium

                                     starting March 2013




Planetarium Hamburg


  The Premiere of Life of Trees took place at 
  Planetarium Hamburg on October 23, 2012




  Life of trees will be shown from November 11
  on, 2012 in Kiel



  Minikosmos   You can watch The life of Trees from
    December 22, 2012 on at  Minikosmos Lichtenstein


You can w
atch The life of trees starting  November 23,  
at the Louisiana Art & Science Museum